22 September 2007


There will always be war…

As far back as history can tell us, mankind has killed each other- and continued to get better at it. On this beautiful planet, we have cycles of stability; then in a region of the world, one person lets power corrupt; this person wants more and more… and is so distant from reality, has no problem doing anything to get it; most of the population suffers, and often it spreads to neighboring counties; then, the citizens from that country rise up, or another country attempts to help; then we have a war being fought; just more misery of the people because of one person’s desire for power…

Afterwards we promise never to fight again – because we have learned how awful war is…

the problem is- people forget

the unimaginable human suffering

the direct experience of death

the permanent loss of family and friends

the unimaginable sum of man-made devastation

the destruction of the irreplaceable

the quantity of carnage

the magnitude of maiming

the colossal amount of terror

the lack of basic security

the economic ruin

the feeling of hopelessness; despair; emptiness…

Reading about war; seeing movies about it; hearing the stories in all it’s glory is not the same as living it… it is not the same at all.

War IS hell – all that can be done to avoid it should be done, but the key is to not wait too long (because waiting will make this very bad siruation even worse)… it is evil, but a necessary evil that we will never outgrow… sad.


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Emily said...

Sometimes war is a necessary evil. When some situations are allowed to fester, they leave a stench behind that can scar the world. I think of the ethnic cleansing that occurred in Bosnia before NATO stepped in and put an end to it. I wonder how long it will be before we venture into Darfur...

I hope you continue staying safe. How much longer do you have???