26 September 2007

Thank You

I have said it before – and now it is visible to most… Iraq has hit the tipping point and is now moving quicker and faster toward a more secure and stable country. This is an exciting time for Iraq and success in our mission, even when many said we were failing. Granted, most of the cries for surrender came from politicians, only interested in getting votes - not in doing the right thing; or by our media, hell bent on giving doom and gloom stories because it sells better.

In Baghdad, people are going about their business, the shops are open, and they’re filling the streets. You are greeted by children who laugh and adults that smile and gave the thumbs up. There is a sense of normalcy - people getting on with their lives.

But it is not over…

While security has improved with Iraqis turning away from al-Qaida, there are still neighborhoods where fighting remains intense. It's still very dangerous and al-Qaida has sort of dug in some of the neighborhoods; the Iraqi Army, National Police, Iraqi police and U.S. and coalition forces are still engaged in some very heavy, tough fighting.

To those who have supported us; believed in us; and never wavered after we were attacked by al-Qaida in 9/11… Thank You.


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