04 October 2007

Stability and Security

Stability and security depends on the knowledge that if you do wrong, that you will be caught, and there will be a negative impact on you directly. This works (or doesn’t work) on the local level just as it works (or doesn’t work) on the global scale. When a rouge nation abuses its power; ignores its responsibility to the citizens; and harms its neighbors there must be known, dependable, and swift consequences.

Like it or not, America has a responsibility (and desire) to support stability in the world- yet after Vietnam and Beirut, the world saw that our government was not up to this dependability and was not able to stay the course during the evils of war.

Desert Storm also added to our mistakes by (1) not completing the mission (removing the dictator/supporting the revolution) and (2) making massive reductions in the US military during a critical time in history (the collapse of the USSR).

America then stood by, and did virtually nothing after the bombing of the Khobar Towers; USS Cole; two Embassies; Twin Towers (the first time) and ran from Somalia after one disastrous mission.

Our failure and lack of action has had massive international repercussions.

The US shoulders the lead with treasure, blood, and the ethical burden of the lethal challenge of killing those who want to slaughter us. Most of our allies limit their support for fear of reprisals. Sacrifices are required… If the world would have stood with us on Iraq to start with, this war would have never been necessary.

Even the US Government has not stood together 100%, but the mission and Soldiers have been maintained and we now have the positive results we have fought so hard for.


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