15 September 2007

Middle East Miracle

I have read over and over again recently about how we have made numerous military gains here in Iraq, but slight advancement on the political side. What is missed in all of this is the massive amount of Iraqi political pressure that is being placed on the militias and Iran to stop the hostilities.

I have been in meetings, every few days, with exceptionally senior ranking officials in the Iraqi government- and each and every one of them are finding ways to support security for this nation.

Even the tribal leaders – who once fully supported fighting Americans – have turned 180 degrees and are now working side by side with our Soldiers. Thousands upon thousands of volunteers, in what were the most violent neighborhoods, are securing critical sites.

The politicians here may be having trouble passing meaningful legislation, not much different than our own government, but they are running the country and making it a better place to live.
You can be for or against this mission in Iraq – but no one can avoid the obvious progress that is being made here – and a stable democratic Iraq, in the Middle East is nothing short of a miracle…


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