27 October 2007

World Youth...

Today and yesterday I passed along some happiness from America to Iraq.

Yesterday I was able to visit a Hospital in Baghdad in an area called Adhamiyah, and found some children there (some from the orphanage next door) and today I visited an elementary school in a village called Makasib. All I saw was the biggest smiles (children/parents/teachers) as I passed out hundreds of new Beanie Babies and school supplies from Boy Scout Troop 969 (help organized by my cousin Betsy) from Virginia.

I also got a couple of dozen letters from the Scouts – very moving thoughts from such young men… it makes me so proud to know of the thoughtfulness, concern, and compassion in our American youth.

There is much hope in the youth of our world… They have no understanding why some people hate others so much – and perhaps they never will.



Emily said...

I'm so glad to see you doing well. That little boy looks so cute sitting on your knee. Way to go Troop 969!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bud!!! Man, your blog is great! Very inspiring... even though we in the military know the media is full of crap, it still gets very, very old hearing over, and over how horrible things are. Your views are a breath of fresh air... I'm glad you get to come home soon and I am glad that you are safe. O-town misses you!

Take care brother, and safe travels home!