09 November 2007

Veterans’ Day #2

I am now here for my second Veterans’ Day in a row; ironic how the government gets this whole weekend off…

395 days done and I should be back in the states a day or so before Christmas. It is the final countdown- and what little time I’ve had each week to write in this blog is going away (not to mention the Army has blocked my ability to get to this blog web site). I hope to get in one or two more entries; and then after being back for a few weeks – one last update. I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts... to agree or disagree; I have truly enjoyed the feedback and support.

I will miss this interesting and demanding job... I live near the Baghdad international airport on the edge of the city and I work almost daily with the Iraqis (from the man on the street to senior level politicians and businessmen). This is still a dangerous place, but the people here are doing better and so appreciate the basics. It is so upsetting watching our (US) media cover Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, Britney Spears etc and all their troubles, when there are some good people here happy to just have water and a secure trip to the market. I have seen true heroes (both American and Iraqi) risk their lives for the future welfare of a nation and the stability of this part of the world (and in turn, our safety). Then I see our media cover the Oscars and Emmis like these actors are who we want to be... I tell you, the coverage should be on real life (and by this, I do not mean “reality” TV) - because it is much more to be proud of (and interesting).

Our Soldiers live here in Iraq on average for 12-15 months at a time working long hours seven days a week; most on their second or third tour. Away from family; comforts of home; normality; and safety... but most are very proud of what they do and would never ask to be recognized for their daily accomplishments - but as the situation here becomes more stable; and celebrities continue to drive drunk/take drugs/get divorced/ect - this life our American Soldier live will too become ancient history in our short term memory, like all the rest: We have forgotten the Soldiers in Bosnia, Korea, Africa, Central America, etc. All away from home and family - protecting the world from bad people. Quiet professional Soldiers… Happy Veterans’ Day


* "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil, is that good men/women do nothing."

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