13 October 2007

Nothing to Report

Not much new to report – by nothing new I mean that:

Criminals/fanatics still randomly fire rockets into American camps and set off road side bombs. But the numbers of attacks/injuries/deaths maintain a downward trend.

The Iraqi politicians are still out for themselves first, their sect second, and the Iraqi people they represent last.

Daily life for the Iraqis has become more safe and routine; and they are getting used to the freedoms of speech/communications (satellite TV/internet/independent local newspapers/cell phones/etc).

Essential services continue to improve. The biggest complaint has always been electricity, but local micro power generation as augmented the national grid and power is now available almost all day in the majority of Baghdad.

Local businesses are popping up everywhere like mushrooms.

Traffic Jams are common.

Industry has started; a few already at western standards.

The only major change I can report is that the high temperatures have finally dipped below triple digits… this is a noticeable and welcomed change.


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The Gatekeeper said...

It's nice to catch up and hear what's really going on there. Stay safe and know that we are all still praying for you guys. Hope you get to go home soon.