23 June 2007

Public Perception

Please share my blog with as many people as you can, if you feel it will help public perception... but I think that that the US public, and most of the world, has lost hope in Iraq and this war, and it is now next to impossible to recover support. What has to be remembered is that most wars are not popular DURING the war... did you know that only 1/3 of the people living in America supported the Revolutionary War; 1/3 supported the United Kingdom; and 1/3 just did not care? Good thing our leaders back then did not make decisions on public opinion... public support for our national independence in 1775 was about the same as our support now for the support of Iraqi independence. And on another familiar note - we would have never achieved victory without support form another country (France).

This is truly "God's Country" - I can stand in the dusty footprints of all the Greats of the Bible and see the world close to how they would have seen it. Many of the stories of the Bible repeat themselves over and over here in Iraq - it is not the Muslim faithful that cause the issues, but the Judiths that use the scripture to their own advantage for power, prestige and/or money. This place is worth saving, the common person here is true to the belief of goodness common to both of our religions.

But this goes well beyond giving freedom and security to Iraq… We are in a war- it would not matter if we were not in Iraq now, we would still be at war. We were not fighting in the Middle East when attacked on 9/11 or the many attacks before that… This war is also sponsored countries, not just a few rouge groups, with the goal to rid the world of “western” influence. Why is it that the same people who ask what did we do to prevent 9/11 are the same people who ask why are we in Iraq?

Progress is being made here – but the propaganda of the enemy is winning thanks to our own media echoing the messages. And public opinion has taken a negative tipping point directly because of this.

I am proud of what is being done here... history, not current public opinion, will be the true measure of success. I would hate to see what failure could bring us.