28 June 2007


Soldiers are Republicans, Democrats, liberals, conservatives, men, women, single, married, black, white, Hispanic... We volunteer from the American population at large, so we mirror it. Some hold strong political opinions and argue vehemently with one another, and some are apathetic towards all things political. We are the salad bowl mix that is America.

When candidates for President claim that opponents’ opinions demoralize the troops, they’re telling us that we’re too ignorant to understand the right to disagree is inherent to democracy, that we’re too stupid to separate political views from our jobs, and that we’re too fragile and sensitive to hear all sides. The reality is that most politicians will tell the public whatever they want to hear to get elected.

Protest – for or against the war… at least we are not forgotten. I support your educated views and right to express yourself, if you so desire.

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