17 November 2008

Completed Thesis...

It has been an extensive and challenging process, but after nine months, my master’s thesis on the shortage of US Army officers in YGs 91-97 is complete and has been approved.

The research in the thesis reviled that this officer shortage is already having a critical effect on the military and its ability to continue its high operational tempo. Without action, the deficiency condition will most likely get worse.

There are three critical points that influence the overall quantity of military officers: the recruitment of new officers, retaining mid-grade officers, and limiting the number of officers retiring. The US Army is making numerous efforts to increase the number of officers entering the service and limiting the amount of officers that leave early in their career. The thesis takes a look at the officers the US Army loses as they reach the retirement minimum of 20 years of service.

Let me know if you are interested in a copy of the full text (153 pages) or just a summary and I’ll send it your way.



Uniform Dating said...

Excellent stuff George.
What's your next project on?

George said...

I have already finished another paper on the use of the CGSC knowledge base to support the US Army at large... a draft is posted at www.5banzai.blogspot.com

I will post the full copy of my paper on this blog site later.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your graduation. I had the chance to ask the Vice Chief of Staff of the Army today about part of your thesis subject, the retention of Majors. (The AP reporter also mentioned you by name) Gen. Chiarelli said he agrees that we need to do a better job of retention. He said he doesn't have a problem with early promotion of junior officers, because so many of them have deployment experience and fresh new ideas. But he agreed you can't commission intermediate level officers, you have to grow them.

George said...

It is ironic that the speed bumps he talked about from over 70 years ago in the Army is still around today in how my report has been treated by HRC. I would be very interested in what the Vice Chief of Staff of the Army would say about retaining officers at 20 years of service... and what he thinks of the predictions from my research/surveys if nothing is done.

Craig said...

Maj Brown,

I am Maj Chandler...and yes I am doing my masters thesis. I will be conducting a survey at ILE but will be focusing on "Issues that assist in retention of US Army mid level officers"...since you exausted and exposed the shortage. Can you send me the thesis you did? I tried to find it anywhere and came up empty...thanks Craig Chandler

George said...

No Problem... just email me at Brown-George@us.army.mil