16 December 2007

15 DEC 07: I have been in Baghdad for 432 days – IT IS MY FINAL DAY.

I started my last day at just a little after 3am this morning to watch on the Armed Forces Network (AFN) Appalachian State WIN the Football National Championship (49 to 21 vs. Delaware) for an unprecedented third year in a row :)

I’ll start my long awaited trip home late tonight; I anticipate it will take me about four days to make it to Ft Hood, Texas and then another three days there for “re-integration” training. My next assignment will be the Command and General Staff College in Ft Leavenworth, Kansas starting the end of January.

It has been one hell of an experience being part of this difficult birth of a democracy in the center of the Middle East; but I guess there can be no real satisfaction in life without obstacles to conquer. History is made by those that can have a vision of the future and actively supporting positive transformation… even when it is neither easy nor trendy.

Thank you for your support of me – many times I was not too sure I could see the light at the end of this incredibly lengthy tunnel, but a friend or family member was always there to center my direction.

I’ve also had the pleasure on this tour to meet some extraordinary Heroes that would truly humble me and remind me of my phenomenal honor it is to serve.

I have countless stories … and I look forward to share them with you and catch up on what I have missed in the near future.


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Emily said...

So glad to hear you have made it out safely!!!!