09 September 2007


Today marks 100 days to go... I would have been going home this month (one year), but the surge and the extension will now have me here until around Christmas.

I have the opportunity every week to see many Troopers soon after they have been wounded – what really amazes me, is that no matter how serious the injury, the Soldier’s motivation is still high. They typically have the same requests: 1) let his unit know he is ok and 2) that this will not keep him down.

It blows me away each and every time – when entering their room, they attempt to salute and look strong – there is no self-pity. They are true heroes that would never admit to it. Those quiet and humble professionals that see the world as a place they can contribute to, and not as what the world owes him.

I am proud, that as a country, we can honor these courageous heroes that supersedes all political views.


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