17 August 2007

Family Reunion

I've a family reunion this weekend – I’ll of course miss it, as I have often recently because of my job; but I still have great memories of the ones I did make:

I remember the drive, and knowing I was very close when I found the “barrel” house. The challenge then was finding the correct dirt road to turn on

I remember once I was close, just about every house in sight was of someone I was related to

I remember showing up, around noon – there would be a hundred people, some unfamiliar, but feeling very comfortable and at home

I remember the best BBQ ever – the whole pig roasting over the fire in a homemade grill with homemade “Carolina” sauce

I remember the plates never being large enough to hold all the food

I remember the sweet tea; Wow that was good stuff

I remember always having space for the great cream style corn from my grandmother

I remember getting three different kinds of stuffing and three different kinds of deviled eggs

I remember, no matter how full I was, going back for dessert – I would get several, including the coconut cake… also from my grandmother

I remember spending a lot of time attempting to figure out how the kids my age were related to me

I remember all the Aunts telling me how little I used to be

I remember horseshoes (the game, for those not from the South and do not make that automatic connection)

I remember feeding the chickens (and the story of how my Great-Grandmother could just pop the neck of the chicken… and how I think one poor chicken was a pet of my Mom, when she was young… but not for too long)

I remember how much fun it was exploring the area around my Great-Grandmother’s house; I think I remember there was a very, very old still in the large dilapidated storage house.

I remember finding pecans and crushing two together to eat right on the spot

I remember those who arrived first, left last because their cars were blocked in by everyone else

I remember how friendly everyone was – nothing but smiles and many many great hugs (oh and lots of delicious, scrumptious, mouth-watering, delectable, yummy food… did I mention that already?)

I do not remember the ride home; I think I was asleep, every time…

George or "Tripp"

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Emily said...

Ohhh, those memories...that is why I got out. Yeah, my hand was forced a bit, but when I can attend my family reunions, I smile because it was the right decision for me. I can't wait until you are home and safe!!!