31 July 2007

Sad day in Iraq...

Iraq's parliament adjourned today (31 July) for over a month (until 4 September), as key lawmakers declared there was no point waiting any longer for the prime minister to deliver Washington-demanded benchmark legislation for their vote.

The Iraqi Security Forces are improving – but the government is stubborn and is getting very little done. They were elected by the people and for the people of Iraq, but they have forgotten that (or never cared); but I guess the government of Iraq has learned this from many of our own politicians (who are also taking the month off with almost all of the US budget issues still on the table).

While the Iraq government is on vacation, our Soldiers will still be on guard next to the Iraqi Security Forces... it was over 140 degrees today.


Lady G~ said...

Lady Gatekeeper recommended your site. So glad she did.

My thoughts and prayers are with all our soldiers. I know some by name, but God knows them all.

Lady G~

Anonymous said...

Well, if the Iraqi officials are getting their cues from Washington D.C., then it makes sense they would take vacation too. Every one knows there is a skeleton team left in D.C. right now. When I was at Georgetown U., they would say even the devil doesn't hang around D.C. in August! Maybe that's the same for the old Fertile Crescent these days. Too bad the insurgents aren't taking a break too.