13 May 2007

The Republicans say if there is major progress by September, we can start moving out our troops in Iraq. The Democrats say if there is no progress by September, we should just give up and leave Iraq. So is it just me, or does it seem like both the Republicans and Democrats are AGREEING that the troops need to start leaving in September?!?!

The military has been asked to do many things – defeat the Iraq Army; find Saddam Hussein and the rest of those on the deck of cards; get the oil and economy jump started; train the Iraqi Security Forces; allow free elections (x3); create a working government; find weapon caches; prove Iranian involvement in Iraq; ect; ect; ect… All done successfully… All the battles have been won – let’s not lose the war.


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Lisa :-) said...

Hey George!
I feel your frustration with all the verbage thrown around. Yep, you guys have done an outstanding job...time to come "home" (where ever that might be for your new assignments)...mission accomplished!
"Raw Hide!"