11 May 2007

Just about everyone who reads this blog is much more fascinated in life over here more so than my opinion of the war – but it is my site and I just need to vent every now and then.

Do you remember why we went to Iraq? How you felt when the war initially started? We had just been attacked, and the madman Hussein refused to cooperate with UN inspectors- we needed to make a stand and just about 100% of America agreed. I also admit oil is elevated on the list of American interests. But That Day showed us the worst in mankind… and also the very best. What will That Day mean to us decades from now: a start of something evil, or the start to ending something evil?

Major progress has been made here, but public hesitation now is nothing short but motivation to whom we are fighting. Instead of them giving up, thanks to the media and democrats, our enemies feel all they need to do is hold on just a bit more until we leave. Soldiers need more than just “we support the Troops, but not the war”… we could use a bit of “united we stand and divided we fall – win win win!!!” We are Soldiers – and it is not enough to just be in the US Army, supporting/defending our nation. We are proud for what we accomplish. We need to finish this – the correct way.

How will America be viewed for the coming decades if we leave Iraq too early and there is a collapse in the region? How will it affect the world economy and how safe will you feel in your own home and just traveling to work? It is popular now to dislike our president and the war… are you sure this is how you will still feel 5 or even 10 years from now?

We are committed, and I for one would like to see the ultimate sacrifices of our brothers and sisters (and the injured and those who gave years of their lives away from family and friends) be remembered in a just cause we successfully accomplish.

How close are we to this? Wow- that is one heck of a question… but I think we are very close. Already just about all the major and minor operations are done jointly with the Iraqis – and this is working well. The only issue is the vulnerability of corruption within the Iraqi Security Force. We have this in our own police force, just not as common. We also have problems with gangs in the states… no country is perfect, and I think we are getting close to “good enough” here. Let’s get to the proper conclusion of this war together and the majority of our Troops home… and me.


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Emily said...

I couldn't agree more. It seems that people over here have forgotten about what happened in Afghanistan when the Soviets pulled out. The thing to remember is that Afghanistan does not have the natural resources that Iraq does. Leaving Iraq with a power vacuum would be our biggest mistake.