25 May 2007

Hot Hot Hot....

I have been here for 227 days now, and I am a bit unsure when I will be going home (the 90 day extension plan has not been officially published)… but I think I am at least halfway done. Thank you for all your email and prayers of support; being gone for such an elongated time is difficult, but it helps to know we have not been forgotten at home.

Wow, is it getting hot – 115 today and we are still in May. At this rate it will be over 200 by the first of July. The wind feels just like a hairdryer set on hot. I’m only out and about just a few times a week (not including the 2k walk to and from the dining facility) but some of our Soldiers are living with their Iraqi Security Force partners in this heat on a daily basis – in heavy protective gear, laden with weapons and ammunition; all the while, maintaining 100% vigilance to keep him or herself and buddies alive. Free time is defined only as sleep, and getting anything over six hours a day is a luxury that few get. It is remarkable how much we ask of these valiant warriors, how much they risk and how little they expect in return…

How is it going: The big issue here is time... to make this Iraqi government genuine; we must allow it to make decisions (right or wrong) and to develop. We (citizens of the world) want to see rapid results with the different sects getting along - but how long did it take us (US of A) to live well with the American Indians or African Americans - - - can't throw stones when we ourselves live in a glass house. Out military must provided security and offer advice for this new democracy until this country become independent and handle these issues (these issues will never completely go away) without collapsing into a civil or regional war. Then we may have a true partner in the Middle East that can have a real and direct effect on our security and economy.


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